“We are a restaurant”


“We are a restaurant”

Ilpiat Kamiyagawa Tony Mizutani Yoshio

“Why should only restaurants be treated as bad guys?”

In 2021, I heard such a voice repeatedly. The restrictions on business hours and the provision of alcoholic beverages, which began in December 2020, bullied the feelings of restaurant owners without consideration. The new coronavirus “covit19” has spread the infection without attenuating its infectivity and toxicity even after repeated mutations. Live houses and restaurants were pointed out as places where the infection activity is actively carried out. In the background, cluster infections have often been identified at these facilities.

It was pointed out that drinking alcohol at a restaurant would make you feel more motivated, and if you were a shirafu, you would lose your awareness of infection prevention. Not only the banquet, but also the opportunity for the sexual subject to come in contact with each other gently and densely was treated as if there was no infectious event for a moment with the pleasure of pleasure. In parallel with the increase in the number of infected people, some such shame has cultivated a cold look. Fostering a cold look transforms into the voice and consciousness of the world.

The politics that feels the atmosphere of the world and the medical strain that actually occurred in the medical field will be the decisive factor to steer to “behavioral restriction”. No objection was found in the route decision other than those related to the target facility. Restrictions on behavior within the scope of current law begin in the context of “request for cooperation.” Initially, there were no penalties for the request. For this reason, it was called “request base”. In response to this request, a “cooperation fee” was paid without omission.

The cooperation money was very attractive. It is enough compensation for the scale of my shop, Ilpiat Kamiyagawa. However, I thought it was not enough compensation for a store larger than my store. This cannot be said unconditionally because it depends on the charms of each restaurant, but I think that it was sufficient compensation for restaurants that can operate with daily sales of up to about 70,000 yen. The amount of cooperation money has not been the same all the time, and it has changed depending on the content of the restrictions and the revision. The amount varies depending on the region.

If you clarify such contents, it will be disliked by those in the same industry, but since many people outside the restaurant industry said, “It’s hard to become a spear ball only at restaurants,” the situation is probably not well known. I think it is. The restrictions imposed on restaurants were painful. This is not comforting just because you can receive the cooperation money. However, it is also true that we received abundant compensation. I don’t understand the difference in the amount of money I earned as a result, as restaurants that continue to operate normally without responding to the request for cooperation of the restrictions are not compensated. It was certain that the restaurants were thrown into a complicated relationship centered on the presence or absence of compensation.

While many people are working on infection control measures, the shops that continue to operate normally have been given a stern look and prejudice. Voices such as “It’s a store that can’t follow the rules of society”, “I’ll never use it again”, “It’s a selfish and selfish store”, “I must be thinking that I should be good”, “It’s decided to be a source of infection” I actually listened to it. There was even a voice saying, “I should crush it.” This is not a special thing, and I think there were such voices around you.

It is true that while many people sympathized with and implemented efforts to prevent the spread of infection, some were not interested in preventing infection. “People who are not interested in infection control”, “People who think that infection control measures are meaningless”, “People who think that the virus does not exist”, “People who believe that Corona is a conspiracy”, “Only I am okay” “People who think that they can’t help because they get a cold when they get it (those who don’t prevent it)”, “People who think that they can’t help because they die when they die (because they die even if preventive measures are taken)” There are various people who do not work on infection control measures, infection control, and infection phenomena.

By setting “the business restrictions of restaurants as they are to prevent infection”, we have created the gaze of “protecting / not protecting”. It is a strict look that is different from the impression entrusted to us, “I will or will not respond.” There is no compensation for restaurants that do not respond to requests, and they are exposed to the strict eyes of the world. Not very, but I had no choice but to respond to the request. It doesn’t matter if you take preventive measures against infection, it is difficult to be “exposed to a harsh look without compensation”.

As you can see from this, the gaze at the restaurant had the function of monitoring “taking infection prevention measures” and “accepting restrictions”. It is a mechanism to confirm “sincerity”. “Work to monitor” is different from “work to expect”. The request for cooperation was supposed to be “expected work”, but the government has announced the collection of fines due to administrative punishment, and “surveillance” of a stronger gaze effect has been officially approved. The hurdle for reporting that “there are stores that do not respond to requests” has also been lowered. The government agency also contacted the store, saying, “I received a report, could you please respond to the request?” I heard that it was not uncommon for people to contact the store directly as a complaint.

If you write it like this, it seems to be completed as “It is best to respond to the request because you can receive cooperation money and you are not placed under strict monitoring.” That’s true, but I think it’s a “protective” choice. I have paid a lot of attention to this point. There is no doubt that infection prevention measures are important to society. Understanding its importance has been left to individual ethics and common sense. It is intended to harmonize the schedule when thinking about the existence of education, the politeness of daily life, consideration for others, and one’s social role.

The cooperation request imposed on the restaurant was “a set of approval or disapproval of cooperation money and public monitoring”. “Business restrictions” functioned as “fumi-e”. This structure harbors the darkness behind the history of mankind. It is a structure that is different from the planned harmony that each individual plans independently. The social surveillance structure for restaurants was reminiscent of crackdowns. The structure in which politics creates restrictions in a way that creates a social atmosphere without direct intervention has a strong tendency to create divisions.

“That store doesn’t follow the rules and only makes money for itself.”

Relationships with people who cannot achieve scheduled harmony tend to be avoided. It’s hard to get along with people who are rough, arrogant, or just say “listen to me” without consideration for others. Conflicts are constant and annoying. A lot of time is entwined with incidents and problems. “Peace” is the exact opposite, thinking about how to keep the conflict away. Many people spend their time in common sense. And in many cases, it’s so peaceful that you don’t have to think about common sense. Minor frustration can be found everywhere, but there should be surprisingly few “opportunities to think about common sense” in everyday life.

If you talk about the basics, it would be a fantasy that “if there was no corona wreck”, but in reality it has already happened. Therefore, the story of “Tara-If” is a fantasy. When overcoming hardships, people use their imagination to become fantasy. Expectations such as “maybe” are part of that. When you don’t understand the meaning of what is happening, you can adapt it to that meaning and create a conspiracy theory. People enjoy their continuous daily life in peace, so it will not be dark unless it is an extraordinary gift. I interpret conspiracy theory as a feeling of taking the dark extraordinary seriously.

The request for cooperation from the government imposed a “fumi-e” on the restaurant. We cultivated a stern look at the world and urged us to respond to requests for cooperation. If you think “common sense”, it means that “everyone is worried, medical care is difficult, and it is natural to cooperate in order to quickly resolve the infection.” I agree. However, at the same time, it is also true that there are restaurants that do not work if they respond to requests for cooperation. A cooperation fee was set to compensate for it. In detail, employment adjustment subsidies have also been expanded. You may have heard the phrase “limitation and compensation are a set”.

It turns out that “as a result of common sense, restrictions and compensation are a set”. Since these restrictions apply to restaurants, social restrictions have come to be talked about around restaurants. Common sense people interpreted the government’s request as “common sense.” The phrase “limits and compensation is a set” was also used in the campaign. As I said earlier, I rarely had the opportunity to think about common sense in my daily life, but this campaign has made the restrictions on restaurants widely recognized.

Infection prevention measures have been set as criteria for judging common sense. At first, some people might have been worried about how to deal with it. I think there were times when I had to redefine common sense as “how should I behave?” It may sound exaggerated, but the consciousness and actions such as “alcohol disinfection,” “temperature measurement,” “wearing a mask,” and “social distance,” which are now commonplace, have become a daily routine. And gradually, I internalized the set common sense and made it everyday. This is a “new daily life” and a “new lifestyle.”

When new common sense permeated, it became easier to “identify people who couldn’t do it”. Awareness such as “that person is not wearing a mask” developed into an incident on the train, and sometimes the train operation was stopped with an emergency button. People’s feelings are gradually internalized, and it is recognized as “a person who is not complicated” to try to harmonize the schedule. Earlier, I said, “People who can’t harmonize with the schedule tend to be shunned,” but they have the same structure.

The consciousness that “it is a troublesome person to be unable to take measures to prevent infection” will be shared by society and will be in harmony with the schedule. This scheduled harmony also contributes to fostering surveillance of restaurants (I’m a common sense person (laughs), so I admit that my consciousness was also involved in this surveillance. I don’t mean to say “remind me of repression” or “I didn’t take part because I noticed it”. The problem is not simple). Feeling the harsher look, fantasy gains support. Interpreting “This is not bad for anyone. It’s a conspiracy” creates a feeling of trying to escape the weight of “recollection of repression.” Conspiracy theorists set the existence of great evil. And by the great evil, “We are all involved. We must save the world”, sharing a sense of mission and taking action.

Society is not built with a well-defined structure. Therefore, even if the planned harmony is born, there is no 100% sharing / recognition. It is just a “plan”. And it shows that “harmony” is also a difficult balance. So is “common sense.” Common sense changes from time to time. Ethics and good and evil have been redefined by the times and phenomena. However, there is no doubt that the common sense in coronavirus is infection prevention measures. This common sense is especially useful in Corona. The suspicion and tension that trivial acts might disturb harmony even though I didn’t have to think about common sense every day became a strong stress effect on society.

Looking at the restaurants, “that store is doing dark business (pretending to be observing the restrictions and doing business without observing it)”, “that store has neither infection prevention measures nor business restrictions” Dissatisfaction such as begins to smolder. I also heard voices such as “My store is properly restricting and taking preventive measures against infection, but I am not in that store. I am angry.” The dissatisfaction that “that store does not follow the rules and only makes money for itself” has created a division between restaurants. Some shop owners said, “Seriously, you see a fool.” But is that so?

“Restaurant is a social infrastructure. There is a restaurant just as there is color in the world.”

As I said earlier, I have responded to requests for cooperation “to protect myself”. It is not easy to accept and understand the restrictions on work while participating in the planned harmony cultivated in society. However, there was “the possibility of cooperation money and the fear of public surveillance”, and I responded. No matter what the other stores do, I can’t help it. Rather, I even thought that the strength of the restaurant was overwhelming because I couldn’t resist the fear I had. There were many people who did not respond to the request even for the owner of a good restaurant. I was worried, but I didn’t feel like “I’m insane and I won’t go out with you.”

The restaurant had a feeling of conflict with each other, and a division was born. As if there was a cause for justice created by internalizing the common sense cultivated by the corona evil, a “self-restraint police” also appeared. It can be said that the planned harmony cultivated by the Corona disaster is not a proactive one, but a discipline created at the request of the government. People managed to create a planned harmony in an unforced atmosphere, but it was the government’s will to support the atmosphere.

The discipline and common sense of planned harmony cultivated by the Corona disaster. A lifestyle that puts it into practice as a new daily life. In response to a request for cooperation on his own initiative, he even receives the effort of “restaurants are difficult” while receiving compensation for cooperation money. The actual situation of restaurants must be different, but I always got caught saying, “I think I’m blessed.” There was a lot of stress on society as a whole, and weird surveillance and tension began to drift.

It is a hell for a restaurant that does not stand even if it receives the cooperation money. The industry binding by Corona is a hellish blame. Even if I respond to the request while paying attention to the eyes of the world, nothing goes well. The same was true for restaurants that spilled from the target of the cooperation fund. Many of the restaurants that were open until 20:00 did not receive a cooperation fee unless they requested a leave of absence. The number of people who use it has dropped sharply because eating out itself has been avoided. Even if infection prevention measures are in place, the mood of eating out does not get excited. The restaurant just waited for customers and lost the energy to keep going.

We restaurants have the role of supplementing the daily health of the people who use them. In addition to satisfying hunger, you can change your mood by eating time, propose comfort, and get a chance for cultural fellowship, and a sense of security as a social gathering place. “Meals” have many elements that support everyday life. We are aware that restaurants are a social infrastructure. It provides a place for people to interact, satisfy their hunger, and stimulate their daily lives. I think a world without restaurants is the same as a world without colors.

The restaurant has faded a little due to this restriction. As eating at home has become a habit, more and more people should have thought, “I think this is okay.” I’m glad I had more meals at home. This in itself does not shrink our market. Because restaurants have a different value than home meals. There can be various elements in the diet. As I mentioned earlier, I’m confident that restaurants are worth not getting at home. Gathering at home is very important. The group did not fade the restaurant. The fading is due to the simplification of everyday colors due to behavioral restrictions.

We have to redefine the simplified daily life. I think this will be a redefinition of the restaurant as it is. I would like to redefine my restaurant. This is a good opportunity to redefine the value and meaning of Ilpiat Kamiyagawa. Why did you make a restaurant? Why is it Italian? Why am I cooking? What does it mean to be fitted with glass? Why did you choose an open counter? You can go around and use the same answer as before. I doubt the simplification of colors, but once I get the same answer, I want to doubt it.

“Restaurant redefinition is equal to future design”

Corona bruise made people feel rough. At the same time, I also pointed out what was important to me. By doing so, you may have found something you don’t need. I think that feeling should be cherished. And I would like to take advantage of the redefined daily capacity. Unexpectedly, the important thing is in an easy-to-understand place. I look at society around restaurants. A place where various people gather and various events occur. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a microcosm of society. That redefinition is equal to the redefinition of society. That redefinition should create the future.

As a redefinition of restaurants, we may reconsider our approach to the comfort of our users. Until now, the goal was set by visualizing the number of seats, sales, turnover, and unit price per customer. These were completely shattered due to the restrictions of the corona. I think this experience was a shock to many cooks. The standard value for measuring one’s achievements has changed. However, I think the last thing left was “cooking.” We haven’t been robbed of cooking. I think this pure essence is the first step in redefining a restaurant.

I would be good if I could cook. The next question is how to serve the dish. The various forms of delivery that we have experienced under restrictions have changed our commitment. I remembered my training days, and the ideas of other stores were also helpful. I learned that there are various ways to connect with people who use it. Even though I changed quietly one by one, when I felt that I might be able to stand, I was able to think, “Let’s believe in cooking.” It’s a different definition that I’ve cooked just for myself. Thinking is the same as a result, but the starting point is “what to cook for”.

My restaurant used a two-part system before the Corona disaster. We asked our customers to specify 17:00 or 20:00, and we set a limit on the usage time. With the Corona sword, that limitation has completely disappeared. I think this will continue as it is in the future. I think that the comfort of the users has been improved by removing the restrictions. It is unthinkable that a restaurant will put more restrictions on people who are tired of their daily restrictions. My restaurant has a certified store for infection prevention measures. Preventive measures for this certified store system are still ongoing (as of December 7, 2021). However, we do not adopt the unreasonableness exchanged in the survey when acquiring a certified store.

The staff who investigated whether it matches the certified store said. “There is no 1m here.” I doubted my ears. I wish I could ask, “Can I have more than 1m?” He also said, “Be careful that the wine provided to the customer is only touched by the clerk, or that the representative of the user is selected and used.” I still can’t forgive this exchange. I don’t understand the meaning of setting a limit when using one wine that I finally arrived at after enduring the daily restrictions. I told the investigator. “Are you doing that at home? Are all government officials aware of it? Is it a premise that both local and parliamentarians are acting that way? Does that mean that people who should be norms and models are also able to enforce those restrictions? “

The investigator was silent. I continued. “How many restrictions do you think both shops and customers have imposed so far? Do I pay attention to” don’t touch “the wine that finally arrives? Really. Is it really an infection prevention measure? Please explain specifically and logically so that I can understand. “ The investigator remains silent. “Do you know how long you should keep these restrictions? When can you say” you can touch wine “?” The investigator then said, “I will ask the secretariat.” Stupid. You can’t tell that at that point. As a result, he says, “I don’t know.”

The background of the “look” cultivated in society through infection prevention measures and behavioral restrictions was also here. But this is also logically strange. It is completely strange to investigate on the premise that we restaurants are bad guys. This severity gives the impression that the infected person is bad. And I support the atmosphere that “the restaurant that triggered the infection is dangerous”. I became angry and screamed. The investigator cannot explain anything. We have been swayed by such an attitude that we cannot explain. This shouldn’t happen anymore.

If we redefine a restaurant, I would like to say that it is a social place that exists close to the ethics and values of society. Most of us have tried to do so. And I have been searching for restaurants that did not respond to the cooperation while worrying. How are we required by society? People in society are not of the same nature. Similarly, there are restaurants of various natures to respond. In conclusion, preventing the spread of the infection was a top priority. It was a very difficult matter. The number of infected people has dropped sharply, as if ridiculing these things. However, in fact, it is not known why the number of infected people has dropped sharply.

The government / administration says. “Thanks to everyone’s cooperation.” This was a word of labor and comfort, not a logical one. The restrictions were lifted for both restaurants that responded to the restriction cooperation and those that did not, without knowing the specific reason. In November 2021, the restrictions were completely removed. Everyday after a long absence. Normal business. You can also drink alcohol. Although there were restrictions on the number of users and measures to prevent infection, it was a time when many people enjoyed restaurants while doing well. Immediately after the restrictions were lifted, it was lively.

“The essence of food is the idea of believing in cooking and the pride of being a social infrastructure.”

If the restrictions were removed and it was completely the same as before, it wasn’t. The use of late night hours has disappeared. The seasons have lowered the temperature, but more than that, I think that the value that restaurants are looking for has changed. The number of quiet business days has also increased. Enough time to discourage our feelings of being ready and waiting. When there was a limit, I was able to blame it. There are no restrictions, and it’s harder to ask for a reason for something. “It’s really hard from now on.” Some shopkeepers said so. The reality is exactly that.

Don’t be crushed here. That’s why individuals need to redefine themselves, redefine the food and beverage industry, redefine restaurants, and make sure they’re on the right track. I think that this understanding and challenge will lead to the real overcoming of the Corona disaster. We have food (again). There is also technology. We can see many customers who have supported us. You should be proud of that experience. My technology is neither advanced nor high-end nor first-class. In this case, that level is not important. I hope there is a common idea of “believing in cooking.”

We may be exposed to the brunt of society in the future. Unexpectedly, you may be pushed to the forefront. Nevertheless. Let’s make it. The cooking. We should be able to stand if the words that everyone who eats it says are “delicious,” “satisfied,” and “thank you.” It is in the redefined society that it makes sense to challenge with unchanging value. As long as the essence of eating does not change, our role is there. Restaurants are a social infrastructure. Let’s make it no matter how rattling the society is.

The article “Detection of new mutant virus Omicron in South Africa” was danced in the morning edition of November 27th. On November 30, Omicron was first confirmed in Japan (Narita Airport). On December 6th, there was a report that a person who used Haneda Airport confirmed the third case. The number of infected people in Japan is not increasing as rapidly as in Europe, the United States and South Korea. It’s still few. However, the government is taking immediate steps to prepare for the sixth wave. The reason for the drastic decrease in the number of infected people is unknown, but I think that preventive measures are effective because the mechanism for increasing the number is common. The atmosphere of the coming sixth wave darkens people. However, I think it is an advantage to have an understanding of infection prevention measures. I think it is important not to be overly afraid to spend your daily life.

I will cook food no matter what wave comes. Even if there is a period when I can’t make it, I won’t give up until I can make it. Many cooks should think this way. “Who will make it, not me?” I feel the same way. I think that society will have a big swell in the future. Still, we want to be a restaurant. Do what you can, to the extent you can. We will prepare your meal. Please enjoy it. A. You will be charged the price. It is an infrastructure that supports important daily life. We are a restaurant. We look forward to your use.